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ATS single-line lubricator




A good lubrication is essential for preventative maintenance of your equipment.


Lubrication on regular based maintain grease film on each point. Therefore, grease is constantly present on lubrication points maintaining a grease seal to block contaminants from potentially entering a pin or bushing. 

ALLFETT Solutions has a vast range of single-line lubricator ATS adapted to various environments. Single-line lubricator can apply to a wide range of applications.


 Uses an electro-chemical reactor cell

which converts electrical energy into safe, inert nitrogen gas.


The gas is trapped in a hermetically sealed bellows type gas chamber. as the gas is produced an internal pressure builds up in the bellows and is applied against the orange piston. The piston then forces the lubricant out of the cylinder and into the point of lubrication. The unit can empty between 15 days to 1 year depending on the setting of the simple userprogrammable DIP switch. The selection can be changed or turned off at any time.



The most versatile product

The JACK-LUBER™ is a self-contained, microprocessor controlled, motor driven automatic lubricator.


The JACK-LUBER™ lubricator operates using a jack screw which pulls the piston down to the lubricant outlet. This dispenses the lubricant at a controlled rate at pressures up to 200psi. This pressure allows the JACK-LUBER™ to be used with long feed line pipework, and it can even cycle progressive distributors, allowing one JACK-LUBER™ to feed several bearings.

When one or a combination of selector switches are turned on, the unit will activate at selected intervals (see charts on page 3). At each interval, approximately 0.5 grams of grease will be delivered to the bearing. The grease output is not affected by temperature or altitude. The JACK-LUBER™ is available in 125cc or 250cc sizes and can be filled with lubricant of your choice. When the unit is empty, simply change the replaceable lubricant reservoir and battery pack.



Powerful, motor-driven automatic lubricator

self-contained, microprocessor controlled


The ULTIMATE LUBER™ is a refillable using standard grease guns. Its microprocessor-controlled, energy-efficient motor delivers grease to a fixed-displacement pump that produces pressures over 1000psi. This strength allows the ULTIMATE LUBER™ to drive lubricant through long feed lines and to cycle progressive distributors to feed several bearings consecutively. When a dispensing cycle is selected, the units will activate at programmed intervals. At each interval, the ULTIMATE LUBER™ dispenses approximately 1.25cc of grease. Neither temperature nor altitude will affect the lubricant output.


Industries - Sectors

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  • Agriculture


  • Forestry


  • Airport


  • Mining & Agrégats

    Mining & Aggregates

  • Off-road & Excavation

    Off-road & Excavation

  • On-road & Municipal

    On-road & Municipal

  • Waste & Recycling

    Waste & Recycling

  • Paving


  • Industrial & conveyor

    Industrial & conveyor

  • Port



Our latest achievements


Pedestrian detection system - Loader

Off-road & Excavation, Mining & aggregates, Port, Agriculture, Airport, Waste & Recycling

Backup camera - Excavator

Off-road & Excavation, Mining & aggregates, Municipal & government


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