Merger of Alltech Group and Allfett Solutions.


The two teams combine their know-how to unify and to better serve their clients’ needs! The experience of Allfett Solutions as a distributor installer complements the manufacturing agent expertise of Alltech Group.



Since October 1st  2019, Allfett Solutions and The Alltech Group have merged their activities to become one company.


Note that this new company now operates under Alltech Group only.



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Regulation on the dumper security devices Road Safety Code (chapiter C-24.2; 2018, chapiter 7)

This regulation project is to determine the maximum height of a raised dumper, of heavy vehicles with dump body, whereas these types of vehicles must be equipped with a flashing red light and a buzzer that triggers automatically when the vehicle’s dumper is not completely in the lowered position. It also helps to provide applicable standards to these mandatory security devices.


Consult the official government publication (french only):

Publication date: 29 august






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